Our service areas are Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties. Behavior People LLC, provide behavior support services which includes functional assessment; the development of strategies to support the individual based upon assessment; and the provision of training to individuals, staff, relatives, and caregivers. This is a 1 individual to 1 Behavioral Support direct professional service. The individual’s family members, staff, or others involved in the individual’s life may be included in Behavior Support activities.



Behavior People focuses primarily on helping enable and empower people with Autism and Intellectual disabilities to develop in autonomy, independence and as a valued member of their community.


Our purpose is to enhance the abilities of our clients to have the highest quality of life experiences possible.


Behavior People, LLC provides behavioral support services for individuals in the home and community settings.


Behavior People (James Woodrit) started while working a summer job 20 years ago, with an agency providing services for Intellectual Disabled adults ages 18 and over.

James Woodrit worked with a young man named Tim who was 19, he was non-verbal and Blind he also displayed challenging behaviors i.e. physical aggression, punching, hitting, biting as well as destruction of property.


While working with Tim they developed a great relationship.  James began to understand the function of Tim’s behaviors via building rapport thus, his family was very grateful of the progress Tim began to make.  Tim began decreasing aggression and replacing it with non-verbal cues that he could use to communicate his wants and needs such as hunger, the need to use the rest room, or just taking a walk. James learned during the process of teaching Tim and family members how to use replacement behaviors, that Tim helped James find passion, that passion transformed into a career path.


James Woodrit attended Bowie State University minoring in Psychology earning a BA, then attended Springfield College obtaining a MS in Community Counseling Psychology, and attended Saint Joseph’s University earning a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, and a MS in Behavior management.  


While creating Behavior People, passion became the vehicle and platform for the principals of the business. Those principals are Family, Integrity, Independence, and Uplift.  Behavior People focuses primarily on helping enable and empower people with IDD to develop in autonomy, independence and as a valued member of their community. The Behavior People Enhancing Quality of Life; let us help you receive the care that you and or your loved one deserve.







Our mission and goal is to provide the least restrictive supports and interventions that help create successful daily living experiences. Through a variety of intervention and support strategies, in concert with the individual, their staff, or their family, we design; monitor, and re-evaluate interventions to best meet their current needs.


P.O. Box 17 Willow Grove, PA 19090

Email: jwoodrit@behaviorpeople.org

Fax:  215.893.6994


9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Monday - Saturday





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